Computing Disciplines & Majors

If you choose a computing major, what career options are open to you? We have provided information for each of the majors listed here:

  • Computer Engineering
    Typically involves software and hardware and the development of systems that involve software, hardware, and communications.

  • Computer Science
    Currently the most popular of the computing disciplines; tends to be relatively broad and with an emphasis on the underlying science aspects.

  • Information Systems
    Essentially, this is computing in an organizational context, typically in businesses.

  • Information Technology
    Focuses on computing infrastructure and needs of individual users; tends to involve a study of systems (perhaps just software systems, but perhaps also systems in support of learning, of information dissemination, etc.).

  • Software Engineering
    Focuses on large-scale software systems; employs certain ideas from the world of engineering in building reliable software systems.

  • Mixed Disciplinary Majors